The planned tower block conforms to the city space development, in the course of which several high-rise buildings have been built by Pirita tee. Meerhof 2.0 fits excellently to Tallinn’s most beautiful seaside promenade – Pirita tee.

The Meerhof block consists of the Pirita tee 26 exclusive apartment building built in 2015 and two separate-standing towers being built at Pirita tee 20a, which are connected to each other by an underground car park to ensure convenient parking independent from the weather. A private resting, sports and green area with a children’s playground is located between the towers.

Functional interior plans have primarily been used as the basis for designing the building.

The selected materials are deliberately exclusive. Balconies with curved glass railings dominate on the sea-facing façade. The first floors, which step back from the general volume of the building, are covered with a special design glass façade and the main entrances of the building have been highlighted with portal lined with black granite. A stepped landscaping fitting in with the waved line of the planned balconies has been designed in front of the car park planned between the buildings.

The lighting in the area in front of the entrances has been thought through and the paving is covered with burnt granite tiles.

The façades facing the Song Festival Grounds are covered with high-quality composite tiles.

The tenth floor has a partial step back and larger terraces than the others.

The architect of the building is Tormi Sooväli, who has over 20 years of planning experience. During this time he has planned over 100 000 m² dwellings. Of his last works a modern commercial building in the Admiraliteedi quarter at the address Kai 1 is currently nearing completion.