Metro Capital is an Estonian capital-based real estate development enterprise in operation since 2004. During this time, we have witnessed both a multiplication of real estate prices (2005-2007) as well as their steep decline (2008-2009). After the crises, we have constructed and delivered to our customers over 50 000 m2 of apartment, office and retail space in Tallinn and Riga. We have built more than 400 new apartments in Tallinn during the recent years, thus, being one of the leaders of the local market of development and sales of new apartments.Over the years Metro Capital has decreased capital incorporated from foreign investors and financed development projects in cooperation with long-term partners whose financial capability and stress resistance allow us to expect the successful completion of projects even in a turbulent economic environment. Thus, our customers do not need to worry about the on-time completion of new buildings nor the subsequent warranty works.It is our mission to create living environments that retain their value over generations. This is the basis for our operation both in purchasing new projects as well as designing and constructing new living environments. This is the reason we value investing in the use of renewable energy in increasing volumes and in creating options for recreational sports and leisure activities next to our new homes. These are the values our customers appreciate and that we will continue to adhere to.Our activities are focused on unique locations that present a challenge to developers, architects as well as engineers (Metro Plaza, Pirita Beach House, Meerhof Quarter, Tivoli residential area). It is our goal to constantly develop ourselves and create living and working environments that make people feel good. The 20-member Metro Capital team in Tallinn and Riga works and learns in order to improve each new project compared the previous ones.