An esteemed location

Meerhof 2.0 is located in one of the most unique areas of Tallinn, in a highly esteemed district between the city centre and Pirita. Here you can enjoy the romance and peace of Kadriorg knowing that the city centre is only minutes away.

A home surrounded by possibilities

The wonderful Pirita Road promenade winds past your future home, where you can stroll with your family, jog, or just enjoy the enchanting views. The Pirita beach and yacht club, Song Festival Grounds, Kadriorg Park, the President’s official residence, Kumu Art Museum, Tuljak and Mon Repos restaurants, Kadriorg Café, and much more are within walking distance.

This is a home where you can enjoy your time indoors, in the building’s courtyard, and in the local neighbourhood. Meerhof 2.0 is not just a building, it’s a lifestyle.

Energy efficiency

The Meerhof 2.0 has a B-class energy rating. The building’s modern solutions provide a wise investment while preserving the environment. The entire building is a low-energy structure, and the average annual costs for heating and electricity should be less than €1.00 per square metre.

Heating and energy

Your apartment will be heated by convenient hot water floor heating. The required heating energy for the entire building is produced by a gas boiler unit belonging to the apartment association.

The heating, ventilation and cooling of your apartment can be controlled from your mobile device. And there are solar panels in the building’s roof.

Windows and light

In order to provide the best views and sunniest rooms, the glazed surfaces on the exterior façade were designed to be as large as possible, without compromising the energy efficiency.

Triple-pane windows with selective glazing reduce heat loss by up to 30% and ensure lower cooling costs during the summer.

Ensuring your peace of mind

The security systems at Meerhof 2.0 ensure that only welcome guests have access to the building. Video surveillance systems are installed at the main entrances to the building and parking garage; and there are video intercom systems at the entrances to the stairwells.

When entering the building through the main entrance or garage with a key card, a lift will automatically arrive. Thus, you will not have to wait in the corridor or garage.

The building’s garage door can be opened by the vehicle number identification system or by using a remote control. Cars can exit with the help of an automatic weight sensor.

All the apartments in Meerhof 2.0 are wired for security alarms.

Smart comfort

Smartly managed life 

A smart house solution is integrated into all the apartments at Meerhof 2.0. This enables you to manage the heating, cooling and ventilation in the rooms, and to track heat, water and electricity consumption from your smart device.

The building’s electricity, heating and water meters are read remotely. So you don’t have to submit monthly reports with the meter readings. Instead, you can be playing tennis with your neighbour in the courtyard or practicing golf on the Meerhof 2.0 putting green.

Soundproofing for a peaceful environment

The living spaces at Meerhof 2.0 are exceptionally quiet. Although you’re living in a apartment, you will enjoy the privacy of a private house.

The soundproofing of the building walls exceeds the required standards. Read more about the soundproofing at Meerhof 2.0 here.

Space that works for you 

In order to achieve a special feeling of wellbeing, feng shui principles have also been applied in the planning of the apartments at Meerhof 2.0.

Designing one’s home according to feng shui principles can help

  • prevent some health problems
  • establish happy relationships
  • develop successful undertakings.

The purpose of feng shui is to teach us about the nature of the energy in the surrounding space and make it work for us. In order to achieve this, recognised feng shui experts Janno and Siret Seeder were included in the Meerhof 2.0 design team.

The location of Meerhof 2.0 at Pirita Rd. 20a.