Homes close to the seashore in Kadriorg

The Tivoli apartment buildings are located in Kadriorg, right by the sea. This new residential project envisages 5 buildings, which most of the buildings are finished and it is possible to move in right now!

Tivoli’s architecture will satisfy even the most demanding buyers, it is practical and fits well into the overall style of Kadriorg. The carefully considered project and the competent construction arrangements take into account each apartment location, the views from its windows and the movement of the sun throughout the day.

These five-storey buildings will have a convenient underground car park. To ensure personal choices, the buildings will offer various apartment layouts. Each apartment has water-heated floors based on central heating, autonomous forced ventilation with heat return and the  smart home system for controlling heating, cooling, ventilation and so on from your mobile devices.

In the second half of 2017/18, the city of Tallinn will begin construction of the Reidi road near the Tivoli residential area. The new road, which will be situated right next to the Tallinn Bay, will connect the city centre with the Pirita road. An extension will be added to the Pirita beach promenade and the cycle and pedestrian track, and the seaside area, which is currently in a rather sad state, will be fixed up. The dashing new granite pedestrian promenade will be 5 metres wide and be completed with benches, lighting and safe crossroads already by the end of 2018. As a part of the promenade, a viewing bridge will be set up around a sailing boat wreck, which is 35 metres long and situated 20 metres from the shore and right in front of the Tivoli residential area, thereby creating a novel and memorable seaside attraction.

The promenade that is located alongside the Reidi road will enable lovely summer walks up to the Pirita Top Spa Hotel. Additionally, the Reidi road offers abundant sport opportunities for the residents of Tivoli.  In the future, it will be possible to cycle or rollerskate on the cycle and pedestrian track for several kilometres; this will also provide a more convenient access to the city centre and the Kalamaja region.  The new road should not disturb residents, as the new Tivoli buildings will be situated on the quiet side of the quarter and the Reidi road is approximately 100 metres from the first houses in Tivoli.

We have added a draft plan to our website, which depicts how the Reidi road will be located concerning the Tivoli residential area.

If you have any additional questions about the Tivoli apartments or Reidi road, feel free to contact our sales team.


Harmonious living environment

The Tivoli homes merge perfectly into an area that boasts beautiful nature, and they are situated away from street noise, next to a large and pleasant park. There is no traffic between the buildings, just greenery and playgrounds. Just a short walk away are the seaside promenade, nursery and secondary schools, delightful cafés and restaurants.

Tivoli kaart