Construction information


The house is designed by an experienced and much acknowledged architect, Hanno Grossschmidt. Earlier projects completed by HG Arhitektuur OÜ can be seen here

Energy class

The building complies with the standard stipulated for energy class B.


The buildings are designed on a base slab. The load-bearing structure of the basement floor is built from water-resistant monolithic reinforced concrete. The load-bearing structure of the building starting from the ground floor up to the 3rd floor consist of walls made from hollow-core blocks filled with concrete and floors mostly made from pre-fabricated hollow-core panels. On the 4th floor metal and thermal profile structures have been partially used. The walls of the building are insulated with 250 mm foam polystyrene with thermal insulation properties of U=0.12 W/m2*K.

The flat roofs of the houses are covered with light grey PVC cover. The roofs are insulated with 350-500 mm mineral wool and foam polystyrene, U=0.09…0.10 W/m2*K.

The windows and balcony doors of the building facing the south and the west are made from three-layer solar control glass installed in wooden-aluminium frames and these facing the north and the east are made from three-layered selective glass installed in a wooden frame with the thermal insulation property of U=0.9 W/m2*K. Selective glass used in a sealed unit reduces heat loss via windows up to 30% and solar control glass helps to reduce cooling costs in the summer period. To create bigger glazed surfaces in the living rooms of the pent-house apartments on the 4th floor, in some places glazing systems made from aluminium are also used. The balconies and terraces of the buildings are not glazed.

The façades of the apartment houses are mainly finished with mosaic plaster in different eye-catching colours. The rear walls of the balconies are finished with fine-grained plaster. The unique-shaped balcony boundaries integrated in a metal-composite board structure create a distinctive and clearly recognisable appearance.



All apartments are provided with an integrated solution of a smart house, which makes it possible to use your mobile device to adjust heating, cooling and ventilation of the apartment, to open the door via a doorphone and to monitor heating, water and electricity consumption in real time. For an additional fee it is possible to add various comfort solutions to the system, such as: control of lighting, curtains, audio devices, household appliances, etc.

Electricity, heating and water meters support remote reading, thanks to which the future inhabitants will be saved from monthly reporting of the readings of consumed electricity, heating and water. The future administrator is responsible for collecting all readings of the required meters.

The buildings are heated via centralised heating network. All apartments are provided with underfloor heating with a room-based temperature control functionality. Each apartment has its individual heating consumption metre, which enables significant savings in the heating costs in case the apartment is not in permanent use.

Every apartment is provided with an independent and efficient ventilation device with a high level of heat recovery, which cleans the air coming in the apartment and the real benefit on which is 87% (volume of heat preserved thanks to heat recovery), reducing in this way significantly heating costs in winter.

Each apartment is provided with a high-current electrical board with a fuse.

There is a weak-current electrical board in every apartment. There is a technical readiness for concluding subscription contracts with Elion or Starman to use phone, internet and TV services. The accesses of the stairwells of the building are provided with a video doorphone system, which is connected with the automatic control centre of the apartments.

To ensure safety, all apartments are provided with the readiness to install a security alarm system. General entrances to the building and parking floor will be provided with video surveillance systems.

Living rooms in the apartments facing the south and the west are designed with an independent cooling system, which is fully built out only on the 5th floor. On other floors full building out of the cooling system is possible only for an additional cost, if required by the client.


Finishing materials


Metro Capital have chosen interior packages for unsold apartments. For additional information, please contact our sales team.

The ceilings of the stairwells will be painted and the walls will be covered with dispersion plaster. Mud mats are placed on the floor in front of external doors. The floors of all floors are protected with a tile carpet. The stair steps in corridors are made of Terrazzo tiles. The unique-shaped design of the stair boundaries made from metal repeats the design motif already familiar from the external design. The external doors of the apartments are wooden doors covered with natural veneer.

The walls and ceilings of the living quarters of the apartments are painted and the floors are finished with single strip board parquet, except the corridor, where ceramic tiles are installed.

The walls and floors of washrooms are finished with ceramic tiles and equipped with all necessary sanitary equipment.

The internal doors are made from a wooden structure and finished with white paint.

The washrooms and corridors of the apartments are provided with ceiling lighting fixtures.

Sound measurement at Tivoli

From 03.-10th July Akukon carried out sound pressure level measurement, which showed that there was no noise that could disturb future residents of Tivoli. For additional information please contact our sales team.

*The presented information is initial and may differ from the final solution.